A Quick Guide to Log Home Construction

CaptureOut of many building materials, wood is among the most classy and it makes a home look and feel natural.  Wood is a favorite building material today due to the rural feel it gives to a home when the d?cor and lighting is well appointed, making a house exceptional.  One of the best wood designs you can incorporate for your home today is logs.  They are creative ideas that make a house look outstanding and mind blowing when their finishing is complete.  Here are the four things that you must consider when planning to build a log home:

The kinds of logs to utilize

Logs come in three different categories; milled, hand-hewn, or scribed.  Milled logs are usually alike because they are passed through a machine.  Their specific styles are usually; square, round, rectangular or ‘D’ shaped.  They are easy to stack and have a near precision joinery.  They are popularly made from pine and cedar trees, and they are kiln-dried to adjust their moisture content.

Hand hewn logs are usually crafted using hands to make them bring out the look and feel of an old house.  They consume a lot of time in their preparation and are available either peeled or sliced.  Once they are stacked against each other, the spaces between them is closed, in a process called chinking.

Scribed logs are crafted with hands also, but do not require chinking.  Rather, the area where two logs touch when stacked together is identified and gotten rid of with a saw.  Their length is generally maintained as that of the natural tree. Check out Jacksonville log home packages

The architectural design of your home

A log home is quite sophisticated and requires to be designed first to provide a guide and determine some other aspects like cost and appropriate material type.  You can either consult an architect to design the home for you or you can go with preferred plans you have seen elsewhere.  One benefit of consulting an architect is that he or she can supervise the development as well.  Without an architect, you must ensure that you go for workers who are experienced in the subject to bring out the log home of your dreams.

The amount of money you are willing to spend

The size of the house you plan to build, the kind of logs that it will require, and the amount of labor needed affect the amount of money that you will invest.  Again, if you will require the home designed by an architect or the construction overseen by an architect, your prices will shoot further.  Discuss your budget with your architect to make sure that you get a design that you can afford to facilitate.

The location of your site

The construction site of your home can either be in rural or urban areas.  Make sure you are aware of the permits you require before launching your home’s construction.  Also, make plans for any additional amenities you will require, for example, electricity, water, depending on the proximity to services. Visit http://greatsouthernloghomes.com/log-home-services/